What does an interior designer do?

What does Deborah Warne as an interior designer do and how can she help you?

I would like to think that as an interior designer I can apply creative and practical solutions to an interior that will enhance your lifestyle and needs.

Firstly we will have a relaxed discussion about the project so I can identify exactly what you would like to achieve.

Colour and pattern are one of the my first considerations, there are many factors to take into account before selecting a colour for an interior. Which direction does the room face? The rooms location and orientation effects the lightness or darkness of each wall which dictates the colour, finish or pattern to be used. Colour is also a very personal choice, do you dislike or love any particular colours? I try to establish if you are trying to create drama, make a statement, or create a light and airy room. Following my initial site visit I will then present you with ideas on colour and pattern. This usually consists of samples of wallpaper and paint, fabrics for window treatments and upholstery, together with ideas on flooring, we will then discuss how the ideas can become a reality.

Light plays a crucial part and should be carefully considered at the start. When selecting lights it is important to think about the distribution of the light, its brightness, the glare and contrast together with the style and function of the room. It can emphasise objects and surfaces within a room by highlighting with specialist lights or it can create the mood of the room. I can offer various solutions depending the project.

Within a room the position of the furniture and objects is crucial to provide balance and traffic flow, this should be considered and discussed together with the usage of the room. The position and style of furniture may dictate whether a room feels cosy or cold. I can suggest and provide numerous different styles and qualities of furniture which can be tailored to fit your budget.

Whether you require help on a residential or commercial project attention to detail is key. I have worked on many projects, please look at my portfolio and testimonials and feel free to email or phone to ask how my interior design service can help you.