The interior design process, can it work for you?

Interior design can be for everyone! We can simply refresh a project or transform it.

Your home should show your taste, be comfortable and functional. We understand that sometimes it is easy to gather ideas on interior decoration but putting them together can be difficult.

A successfully designed project is all about planning and problem solving, we try to understand your needs, relating these to the style of property and providing inspirational yet practical advice. You may wish to change your curtains or perhaps you would like ideas on a completely new scheme including lighting, furniture, flooring, window treatments and accessories.

Before we start, you should consider various aspects of the room or rooms you wish to change, you need to ask yourself several questions:

What is the function of the room, how do you feel about it? Is it to be dramatic, relaxing or functional or all of these?

Is it a light room, which direction does it face North or South? Does it need additional lighting or different moods for night or day? Light enhances a space as well as being functional, it can create an ambience, be decorative or highlight an object. Look at the space, do you need crisp, bright light for functional rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Or are you wishing to have cosy, soft lighting provided by lamps and wall lights in the bedroom or sitting room.

Does the room have a focal point? If not would you like to create one? Be it a beautiful chandelier, a fireplace or a rug these aspects will make a huge difference.

Rooms should work together, consider the adjacent spaces, create a feeling of flowing from room to room rather than contrast. They can be linked through colour or pattern.
Consider colour and pattern, are there elements of either of these that you like or dislike? Do you prefer large florals which make a statement, bold stripes of colour or soft neutrals?

What are you trying to achieve, a traditional or contemporary room, or recreate the period of the house? Look at magazines and establish rooms that you find inspiring. Is it a modern glamorous look with elegant fabrics and sophisticated accessories, or a soft casual classic look with faded florals and sofas that you sink into!

Do you have a budget, if so what is it? What timescale are you working to?

Give your interior designer as much information as possible to reflect your personality and taste, we can help translate your ideas into a reality.