An Icelandic Adventure 2015


It all started in Reykjavik where most of Iceland’s population reside and provides a good base to explore Suourland (South Iceland).

Iceland 2015Deborah Warne Interiors

Reykjavik was small but stylish, having numerous shops, bars and restaurants for us to explore. We started at the waterfront, the view across the old harbour was amazing. It was fronted by the dazzling concert hall Harpa, this geometric structure was like a jewel on the waters edge, having a honeycomb like glass construction which was enhanced by the dramatic snowcapped mountains beyond. At night the building looked different again, capturing the spectacular colours of the Northern lights with its multi coloured panes.



The Hallgrimskirkja, an imposing grey church was the next impressive location, its distinctive stepped-slope facade frames a tower from which provides a fantastic view downtown onto the city’s colourful rooftops. Our treat in the evening, the spectacular Northern Lights, luckily we had beautiful sunny days and clear nights. The Aurora Borealis to use the correct term were a once in a lifetime experience, one of nature’s great displays, a multicoloured show in the night sky.


The next day we were to explore Iceland’s landscapes, whilst hearing captivating tales of the elves and trolls we experienced the wonderful sites of the Golden Circle. The spectacular waterfall ‘Gullfoss’ and the geothermal spa the ‘Blue lagoon’ were both experiences I’ll always remember.

IMG_6563      IMG_6561



We spent the evening partying in the city, a place that never sleeps. Following a late night, the next day a whale watching trip, probably not the best idea but great fun! Overall a truly unique place.

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