An Electric mix for a stylish living room



Creating a modern, comfortable living room with a twist can be great fun.

Style in a living room is about getting the right balance with furniture, accessories, lighting, flooring and fabrics they all need to complement each other. Think about the way you use your room and the practicalities of the items in it. Arrange the furniture so there is space, a cramped room won’t be stylish or comfortable!

Firstly imagine the effect you would like to create, starting with the larger purcahses. Sofas are an expensive purchase so go for a look that is timeless with good clean lines, a classic. Introduce different layers with colour, patterns and textures through a funky chair, fabrics, cushions, wallpaper and flooring. A wood floor can be softened with an intricately patterned or textured rug, a wall can be made a focal point with a decorative wallpaper. A painted wall can provide a good backdrop for a cluster of pictures or make an impact with a single modern painting, your choice of art can reflect your personality. The walls and floors are important as they will influence the atmosphere of your room just as much as the furnishings. Glass is another texture, this could be a decorative piece, a lamp or a wall light. The effect of a crystal wall lights can be amazing, filling your room with a rainbows of light adding glamour. Lighting can be difficult to get right and is vital for setting the mood of a room so again consider the use of the room. Vary the lighting through a combination lamps or wall lights for a softer feel, ceiling lights cast more light across the whole room.

All the items featured on the mood board are available from DEBORAH WARNE INTERIORS

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YOUR STYLE It starts with you viewing our ideas and from there we can tailor our mood boards to suit your needs and budget. By talking and working together we can identify the exact look for you, styling an interior that reflects your individuality.  YOUR HOME Even if the job is small, we’ll take the time to advise, and make sure our design proposals fit perfectly with your home environment.  YOUR BUDGET Our service won’t only save time and hassle. We aim to save you money too, with clear cut estimates we can provide products for all budgets. Please call for an informal chat or to arrange an initial appointment 01664 820168

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